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About Us

About us

If you are looking to study abroad, whether it’s high school, college or university, you’ve come to the right place. We at PSR Global Consultant pride ourselves in being one of the best student visa agencies in Bangladesh. A number of leading international universities all over the world have put their trust in us as a local partner, nominated agent and authorized representative in Bangladesh. We understand how difficult it can be for a student to venture out into the unknown realm of further studies, that too in a strange land, that they have no clue about, except that it’s going to change their lives. We also understand how expensive overseas education can be and how important it is to invest in the right place, where you will probably be spending a good three to five years of your life.

Applying for and getting a student Visa is not as easy a process as it sounds. It involves filling of numerous forms, submission of a myriad of documents, and communication with a lot of people. Many a times students are confused about who to communicate with for different matters and how. Thus, entrusting the task to a good and trustworthy student visa agency can help relieve a huge load from your back. As such, you can confidently put your faith in our services and let us guide you along the way, from career counseling to visa processing. We have a broad network of universities and institutions and can offer you a wide range of options to choose from. Let us handle the background work, the liaisons and the nitty gritties, while you concentrate on your studies and your dreams of what you can do once you get to the campus of your dreams. So go ahead and aspire! We at PSR Global Consultant have got your back.

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