Let’s learn some fast facts about Australia

Geographical location: Southern Hemisphere.

Capital: Canberra.

Official language: English.

Official religion: There is no official religion in Australia. It is illegal to discriminate against any religious groups.

Currency: Australian Dollars (AUD).

    • 1 AUD= 66.76 BDT. (approx.)

Population: 25.69 Million.

Australia is an increasingly popular destination for international students due to its high standard of living. Over 5,00,000 students go to Australia each year and many get settled there.



Why Study in Australia?

Australia is one of the most popular study destinations for international students. Each year thousands of students go to Australia to seek a better life. In current times, the standard of living in Australia is high. People can study many subjects, work satisfactory jobs and live happy lives.

What are the benefits of studying in Australia?

  • Worldwide academic recognition.
  • Many subjects to choose from.
  • High standard of life.
  • Great job opportunities.
  • A great destination for students with wanderlust.
  • No need to learn a new language other than basic English.

Students with Australian citizenship can visit countries like Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg and others. This is one of the benefits for Bangladeshi students who study in Australia.

Bangladesh is part of the Commonwealth and it is easy for Bangladeshi students to get various scholarships in Australia like Prime Minister Scholarship and merit-based scholarships.

Let’s look at some famous travel destinations in Australia.

  • Great Barrier Reef: The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most famous natural sites in the world. It is located in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland and has an area of 134,000 square miles. Visitors swim in the water and also go deep sea diving.
  • Sydney Opera House: the Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous buildings in the world. Prestigious fine arts events are still hosted in this performing arts facility. It was added to UNESCO’s world heritage list in 2007. The Sydney Opera House is free to visit and is an awesome destination for taking some great photos.
  • Hyams Beach: Hyams beach in South Wales is a beautiful site to behold. The pleasing blue waters along with the pristine white sand makes these shores one of the most enchanting places to visit in Australia.

There are countless places to visit while in Australia. Rest assured that you will never spend a boring day there.

Required Documents For Studying in Australia

What are the requirements to study in Australia?

  • Students must be fluent in English or at least be able to communicate on their own.
  • Students must score 65% or higher in their 12th-class examinations. (Required marks vary depending on university criteria.)
  • Students studying abroad must comply with all rules and regulations set by the university.

The documents required to study in Australia are:

  • A valid and updated passport.
  • Passport-sized photos.
  • Certificates of SSC and HSC. (or equivalent examinations)
  • Latest academic records.
  • Latest academic transcripts.
  • Offer letter from the university.
  • Testimonial from previous education institution.
  • Criminal record issued within the last 6 months.

Other documents that may be required to study in Australia are:

  • IELTS with a minimum score of 6.5.
  • TOEFL with a minimum score of 60-90.
  • GMAT test score.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • Statement of purpose or SOP.

The students may be required to present some additional documents if the university requests it.

Application Process for Studying in Australia

Application to an Australian university has many steps. From university admission to flight and attending classes, PSR Global takes care of all procedures for it’s clients.

Let’s look at how to apply to Australia for study:

Joining hands with PSR Global: PSR Global has well-trained and certified counselors who analyze your papers and suggest the best universities and colleges with the best scholarship offers. You will be provided with a checklist for all needed documents and a form. Once you’re on board with our team, we will manage the rest of the process.

Interview (with university associate): An interview will be arranged with someone representing the university. You will be given a date when you will face this associate. You may be asked some simple questions and then we will proceed to the next step.

Offer letter: The offer letter is sent directly to the agency from the university. Your offer letter will contain information on your course name, study duration and the amount of scholarship offered, along with the amount of tuition fee to be paid.

Fee clearance: Once the student receives the required fees need to be cleared. This payment depends on the associate university and consulate. After payment is cleared, the student can prepare to speak to the consulate of the Foreign Ministry.

Preparation for Visa Submission: Our clients don’t need to worry about how to apply for an Australian student visa from Bangladesh. PSR Global team gives you a checklist of all papers and items you’ll need and the submission dates. After all the papers have been submitted, our experts verify the documents to maximize visa approval before sending for the final application.

Flight confirmation process: After the JW and other papers are transferred from the university, PSR will take the next steps for flight confirmation. The flight schedules, transportation and selection are a mixture of personal and agency responsibilities.

Pre-departure seminar: Our team of experts have gained experience from studying abroad. So we know which procedures need to be followed and which parties should be contacted. Students are informed on the culture, housing and systems of Australia before departure in a seminar. Even the work opportunities are discussed in this event.

The Best Universities in Australia for Bangladeshi Students

  • University of Melbourne.
  • The University of Queensland.
  • Macquarie University.
  • The University of Newcastle.
  • Griffith University.
  • University of Tasmania.
  • Flinders University.
  • La Trobe University.
  • University of New England.
  • Australian Catholic University.
  • Southern Cross University.

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