Agreement Ceremony with International Islamic College Malaysia

International Islamic College Malaysia is one of the best international universities all over the world. It is so admirable to the people who are willing to pursue a degree under staying Islamic rules and regulations. To ensures that whatever restriction require, they will entail. It establishes in 1993 in Malaysia and was inspired by the first world conference Muslim education in Makah that was held in 1983.

PSR global consultant built this agreement with such prestigious universities. As a consequence students from Bangladesh will be welcomed graciously. The agreement was held. At the ceremony event, the chairman was present. He talked about the education system and the raising demand on study abroad. However, the event concluded with important issues like how PSR Global Consultant and International College Malaysia can create value for international students.

If you desire to pursue your higher study abroad at this University or another university you can reach us since our dedicated team is always prepared and willing to guide you.

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