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About PSR Global Consultant.

PSR Group has partnered up with various prestigious universities around the world to bring you the best higher education experience. Join hands with us, pick what you want to study, select your desired university and just after a few technical steps, you’re closer to achieving your dreams. It’s that simple with PSR Global Group. No, really!

Not sure which university will suit you best? PSR provides you with a long list of the best universities to choose from. We offer free educational consultancy where our experienced counselors guide you towards a better future. Even if you can’t figure out which subject you want to study, our counselors will help you analyze and choose. We’re offering a total solution to all your international studies-related problems.

Worried about the fees? Don’t be!

there are scholarships, fellowships and stipends offered by the government for your benefit. Every year thousands of students are sent to study abroad from Bangladesh with scholarships arranged by PSR Group to attain a beneficial future. Countries like Malaysia have top-class universities that charge low tuition fees while maintaining education quality. PSR Group has been the best study abroad agency in Bangladesh for Malaysia for the past 5 years.

We understand that not all students going overseas is undergraduate level. Some want to pursue Masters, Ph.D. or other degrees. PSR Group also partners with universities that offer these qualifications to bring you scholarship and discount offers. We work to make international education easier and that’s why we’re the best overseas education consultants in Dhaka.

Confused about what to do after you’ve completed your higher education in a foreign country? PSR Global group also offers free career consultancy. Many universities that we partner with provide students with part-time job facilities as well as full-time jobs after graduation. So with our help, you can be settled abroad for life. PSR Group helps to study abroad from Bangladesh as well as to start a career in a foreign country.

If you’re worried about IELTS or equivalent examination scores, you can be trained for such exams at PSR. There are countries like China that offer scholarships without needing IELTS test scores. PSR can hook you up with such institutions.

PSR Global Consultant started with the aim to transform the population of Bangladesh into human resources through global education and job facilities. We have been doing so for the past 14 years and are now one of the top ten best education consultancy firms in Bangladesh.

All of these accessible features make PSR group the best student visa consultancy firm in Bangladesh.

Our Mission:

To provide the best solution to international students for higher studies overseas.

Our Vision:

To become one of the best and the most successful education agents globally where client’s satisfaction gets the first priority.

Why Choose PSR

We Have 14 Years Of Experience in Student Visa counseling and a Career with the highest facilities.

PSR Global Consultant is the best Overseas Educational Consultant firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh for its dedicated services..

Career Counselling:

Career counseling is a very important issue for overseas education, and we always prioritize students’ choices. Even if needed we do several sitting to reach the perfect decision.

Select University:

Every student comes to us bearing a selected university in their mind and we also explore some others that provide more facilities. But last upon we choose the best one altogether discussing merit and demerit.


PSR Global Consultant helps in all aspects for getting admission to an applied university. We are the best choice for the students on that.

Admission and Accommodation:

Most of the students are felt depressed about admission and accommodation in a new environment. PSR Global ensures the best solution either institution hostel or mess at the time of admission.

Visa Application Guide:

PSR Global Consultant guidance about the visa application is excellent and we are admired by the students and guardians.

Air Ticket Issue:

Students needn’t run anywhere for their ticketing. They can manage their air ticket under the same roof.

Airport Pickup:

PSR Global Consultant ensures airport pickup for every single student’ by communicating with the university authority.

Preparatory Language Course:

In some cases, we make basic prepared in local language to the students for their convenience.

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