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Welcome you all on behalf of PSR Group. We have a success story of 14 years as the best overseas education consultant in Bangladesh for Malaysia. Last five years we, have been the best in Malaysia on student admission

Besides that, PSR Global is the top education consultant firm in Bangladesh for some other countries. Dear students who have passed the HSC exam this year. And thinking about where to study abroad are welcome to PSR Global Consultant. 

We have a bunch of universities list that can be your future university. Come to us for a free educational consultancy; experienced counselors assist you the best. For students, so many countries like Malaysia, the UK, Canada, and the USA have provided excellent opportunities that you cannot imagine. 

Various Universities in Malaysia offer world-class education with low tuition fees. Whereas the people, weather, and language are favorable, so many students every year go there. Dear students interested in studying in Malaysia, please visit our office and get the best remedy. We can assure you that we are the best overseas education consultant in Bangladesh

Besides that, for higher studies, in the master’s and Ph.D. programs, there is a great possibility to be settled abroad. So the people who desire to settle down abroad permanently. Those interested in higher study abroad are welcome in the PSR Group. PSR Global Consultancy is offering a free career assessment. 

We also help you get scholarships or discounts on tuition fees. That depends on your academic result and, in some cases, your IELTS score. PSR Global Consultant ensures several students study abroad from Bangladesh with scholarships every year

It is challenging to have the perfect choice about university for a student. PSR Global Consultancy is ready to arrange the best option for the students. Get in touch with the experienced counselor to have guidance study abroad.

PSR team is waiting for your attendance. PSR group qualifies themselves as the best overseas education consultant in Bangladesh, especially Malaysia. So if you are searching for one of the best consultancy firms in Dhaka, remember PSR Global Consultant in your mind.

PSR Group has a broad vision to convert the population of Bangladesh into human resources through higher education and future career. We feel pride ourselves in serving the nation. In these noble deeds, PSR expects your spontaneous participation shoulder by shoulder. Nationally we are counted to ten study abroad consultants in Bangladesh.

Career Advice

PSR global is best in Dhaka on overseas education consultancy, always prefer the best for choosing the university, subject, and country for its candidates to occupy a time-worthy carrier. We are always ahead in selecting better carriers in overseas education in Bangladesh.

Country Selection

Every student has a career aim of their study, PSR Global councilors sort out that and suggest according to. For studying abroad, the counselor measured his academic results and affordability. So, a student can understand his capability in selecting the desired university.

University Selection Support

A student has to study specific topics, but he doesn't know which university is ranked top. We think the primary responsibility of a student counseling firm is to define that for the student and give the best University selection support. We PSR Global do our best in selecting universities for the students. That’s why we are the best overseas education counseling.


For a student, getting admission to a university is very sensational. We ensure complete support from university applications to a student’s class. That's why the guardians admire PSR Global. We are ancestors in Bangladesh on student visa counseling.

Visa Procedure

PSR Group is a pioneer in student visa processing. We have solved a remarkable number of student visa refusals in our professional careers. We have much evidence that had been refused; we have made that succeed. This is a quality of an overseas education visa counseling agency.

Others Assistance

PSR Global provides special facilities to their study students like airport pick up, arranging accommodation, and managing per-time jobs in Malaysia and China. We care about our abroad student service, which made us significant in the overseas education agency profession in Bangladesh.


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Overseas Education Facility in Malaysia

Top 5 Best Education Consultants In Dhaka Bangladesh

PSR Global Consultant has placed itself as the top 5 Best Education Consultants in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is situated in the center point of Dhaka city Kuril, Progoti Sarani, just beside Jomuna Future Park. It is straightforward for anybody to locate.

Now the people of Bangladesh are brilliant. They don’t want to miss the global  opportunities. So those who afford the expenses go abroad, whether in school, college, or university. PSR Global has been recognized as a Study abroad consultant in Dhaka, Bangladesh, since 2007.

PSR Global Consultancy can be their guiding. We PSR Group pride ourselves on being one of the best overseas education consultant firms in Bangladesh for excellent services. best-overseas-education-consultant-in-Mangladesh-for-Malaysia

Internationally, many colleges and universities assigned us as their local partner and authorized representative in Bangladesh. It is challenging for a student to adjust to a new environment that they have no clue about. 

We understand how expensive and arduous it takes to go for overseas education. And how important it is to invest in the right place. That’s why we are recognized as the best overseas education consultancy firm in Bangladesh.

It is not an easy task to study abroad as it sounds. For that, you need to be patient and dedicated to your decision.

A lot of tasks had to perform in the back end. So many people don’t have any ideas about academic result assessment, applications submission, admission confirmation, and communication. PSR does all of these processes for you silently.

After all these successful procedures, you can qualify for a student visa. However, it’s not rocket science. We have done these 14 years successfully and become a trustworthy Best Overseas education Consultant in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

1, 2, & 3; by this way, we now have 14 years of experience in career counseling and visa processing. Malaysia, China, the UK, Germany, Canada, the USA, and so many countries offer excellent facilities in higher education. You have a better carrier, and you can be settled there in the future. So, go ahead with aspire and choose PSR Global Consultant as your overseas education partner.

PSR Global Consultant

Best Overseas Education Consultant in Bangladesh

Best Malaysia Education consultant in Bangladesh

Study in Malaysia from Bangladesh

Best Overseas Education Consultant for Malaysia

PSR Global Consultant is the best overseas education consultant for Malaysia that works with most reputed universities. We have helped thousands of students to get admitted to Malaysia. Some of them had earned full free Scholarships, Partial Scholarships, monthly stipends, etc. Here is mentioned university name which is very reputed and foreign student-friendly environments they ensure.

Public Universities of Malaysia:

University of Malaya, 

University of Science Malaysia, 

National University of Malaysia, 

International Islamic University Malaysia, 

University of Malaysia Kelantan,

University of Malaysia Pahang, 

University of Malaysia Perlis, 

University of Malaysia Sabah, 

University of Malaysia Sarawak, 

University of Malaysia Terengganu, 

Sultan Idris Education University, 

National Defence University of Malaysia, 

University of Putra Malaysia, 

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Prof Dr. Md Zeaul Karim Uzzal, PhD

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