Why Study in UK?

If you desire to study abroad and want to study in the UK from Bangladesh, you have landed in the right place. Career Paths is here to help you out throughout the process from getting admission to flying to the United Kingdom.Basically, there are many reasons for having a desire to study in the UK. Students with aspirations for higher education prefer UK universities considering their educational standards, extensive course offerings, academic experts in different fields, innovative and challenging environments, world recognition, and many more.

The UK ensures a world-class research environment comprising 54% of research originating from UK universities. Moreover, higher education institutions in the UK are committed to providing the students with the cultural diversity and the ambiance that brings out the students’ full potential as a global leader.

The UK universities are always ranked higher in the world university rankings. Additionally, the UK offers a range of scholarships and financial aid to support international students as well as to ensure higher education is available for all. The rigorous academic environment and the academic expertise of the UK universities push the students to be academically diligent, career exposure, and ingenious. More importantly, the UK universities uphold an excellence and a symbol of quality education with a multicultural environment.

UK Student Visa Requirements

Required Documents to Study in UK

The following is a list of some of the best universities in the United Kingdom, each of which provides a variety of courses. Students who are at least 16 years old and are willing to pursue higher education in the UK required Tier 4 Student Visa. Under Tier 4 student visa, a place in a course at the UK University must be offered with a valid Tier 4 sponsor. You must meet the following requirements if the eligibility is calculated on the point-based system. Short-term Study Visa is required for the students who intend to and have an offer for a short term course such as an English language course or training course in the UK.

Type of Visa Who is eligible Application Deadline Arrival in the UK
Student Route (General UK Student Visa) Students aged 16 or above 16 who can start a course at a UK educational institute with a valid sponsor Three months before the start of the course One week before if the course lasts six months or fewer. One month before if the course lasts more than six months
Short-term study visa Students offered a place for a short-term course in the UK, for example English Language course Three months before the date of travel to UK Depends on the nominated travel dates

UK Student Visa and Tuition Fees

Applying for a student visa involves showing a lot of documents, including financial solvency and academic eligibility records. Several kinds of student visas with different visa duration are available, having additional requirements for the students to apply . Visa application fees are also needed, based on the visa duration. The main expenditure for international students is their tuition fees which differ based on the university and program. Each university, including the high-ranking universities, has tuition fees. Moreover, the tuition fees may also vary from one location to another.

UK University Tuition Fees

Courses Cost in Per Year BDT Cost in GBP
Undergraduate/Bachelor Degree 11,00,000 to 42,00,000 10,000 to 35,000
Postgraduate/Master’s degree 11,00,000 to 42,00,000 10,000 to 35,000
Doctoral Degree 17,00,000 to 28,00,000 15,000 to 24,000

UK Study Visa Documents List

When applying for a Tier 4 visa, you will typically need the following documents:

  • Visa Application Form (Need to be filled up)
  • CV (Curriculum Vita)
  • Photocopy of your Passport
  • Testing for tuberculosis (TB Test)
  • Photocopy of your NID
  • Passport-sized Photos
  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Photocopies of all Academic Transcripts and Certificates
  • Photocopies of Medical Certificates
  • Bank Statement
  • The reference number for the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) and the documents used to get the CAS

Why Study in the UK?

Study In UK From Bangladesh - Why study in the UK

World Renowned Universities

The UK is Multicultural

Brilliant Work Opportunities

Financial Benefits

Affordable Tuition Fees

Part Time Job Opportunity

Excellent Education System

What are the Top Universities in UK for Bangladeshi Students?


Study In UK From Bangladesh - Top Universities

Students around the globe highly value UK Universities for their cutting-edge education quality and research exposure. Many universities are available with a vast range of courses such as Science, Business, Law, English, Management, Medicine and others. The equipped and skilled faculties of the universities blend the theoretical knowledge with practical experience shaping a promising career for overseas students. Some universities in the UK, like University of Chester, provide international students with quality education at cheaper tuition fees.

The following is the list of some of the best universities in the UK that offers an extensive range of courses:

List of the Best Universities in the UK

University of Oxford University of Cambridge Imperial College London
UCL (University College London) University of Edinburgh King’s College London (KCL)
The University of Manchester University of Newcastle Sheffield University
Queen’s University Belfast Durham University University of Southampton
University of Salford Aston University Queen Mary University
Bangor University Birmingham City University Brunel University London
University of Bath Cardiff Metropolitan University Coventry University
De Montfort University Edge Hill University Glasgow Caledonian University
Northumbria University Nottingham Trent University Oxford Brookes University
Robert Gordon University St Mary’s University, Twickenham Ulster University (Birmingham and London campus)
University of Bedfordshire University of Central Lancashire University of Chester
University of Essex University of Greenwich University of Hertfordshire
University of Huddersfield University of Hull University of Reading
University of Roehampton University of Sunderland University of York
Canterbury Christchurch University University of Derby University of Portsmouth
UWE Bristol University of Winchester Kingston University
Study In UK From Bangladesh - Scholarships to study

Available Scholarships to Study in the UK

Scholarships from the British government and the UK universities enable international students, especially from developing countries, to avail themselves of the opportunity of cutting down the excess of their tuition fees. Therefore, it enhances the scope of getting recession for your tuition fees. Remain informative about the right time when choosing the respective program and university is due to get this advantage.

University Names Scholarship up to (GBP) Scholarship Details
Aberystwyth University 8000 1. Aberystwyth University founded on the basis of academic excellence and research.
2. Provide offers to eligible students with prestigious scholarships and Bursaries schemes.
3. Provides a range of funding opportunities for postgraduate and international students.
Anglia Ruskin University 1000 1. Excellent research framework.
2. Offers various scholarships and funding opportunities for meritorious students.
3. Support for international student’s well-being.
Aston University 8000 1. Situated in the centre of Birmingham, the UK’s second-largest city.
2. Have a diverse and amiable international community from over 120 countries.
3. Aston university is a great choice for career oriented students.
4. Have a wide range of study options with research opportunities.
Bangor University 50% Tuition Fee 1. Ursaries and scholarships worth more than 1M pound are available for the students.
2. Bangor University is one of the most prestigious degree awarding institutions in the UK.
3. Committed to providing an excellent academic environment.
4. Funding opportunities for research and postgraduate students.
Birckbeck, University of London 4000 1. Various types of financial aid for postgraduate and phD students.
2. Offers several scholarships for international students
Birmingham City University 2000 1. To recognize the talent worldwide, a merit based scholarship is offered.
2. Have a wide range of research opportunities in associated courses.
3. Have the opportunity to apply for university accommodation after confirming the offer letter.
Brunel University 15% Fee Waiver 1. Eligible students of UK universities enjoy more than 600 scholarships, bursaries and discounts offered by Brunel University London.
2. Brunel University is designed with a range of English language programmes to polish the students language proficiency.
3. Worldwide recognition for its research background.
Cardiff University 5000 1. International scholarships are awarded to provide overseas students with financial aid.
2. Students from Bangladesh are selected to offer an additional scholarship of £5,000.
3. Require proof of English language proficiency.
Cardiff Metropolitan University 1500 1. Scholarships opportunity for meritorious students.
2. Provide career oriented education with practical knowledge development.
Coventry University 1500 1. A range of scholarships, funding and bursaries opportunities for overseas students.
2. Well known for its research background focusing on global issues.
De Montfort University 2500 1.Tuition fee reduction opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
2. Chance of getting a full fee waiver for international students based on their academic excellence.
Durham University 1.Available financial support for all the students at any level.
2. Funding opportunity is based on the eligibility criteria.
Edinburgh Napier University 3000 1. Focusing on creating an excellent academic environment, introducing highly qualified students and creating innovative research environments.
Glassgow School of Arts 1. Scholarships are available to international students.
2. Highly recognized for its academic excellence and research foundation.
Goldsmiths, University of London 5000 1. Wellbeing Advisers support all Goldsmiths students for their wellbeing and/or their studies.
Heriot-Watt University 3000 1. Academic Skills workshops and individual consultations to improve the students’ performance.
2. Ranked at a high level across a number of key university.
Keele University 5000 1. Funding opportunity both for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
2. Offers a wide range of course options.
3. Excellent research framework.
Kingston University 2000 1. Offer scholarships to overseas students.
2. Committed to equip the students with skills and knowledge.
3. Each faculty offers courses with research in related areas.
Kings College London 10,000 1. Providing certain conditions international students are offered with scholarships.
2. International students must meet English Language Requirements.
Lancaster University 4000 1. Limited funding for scholarships are restricted to a partial tuition fee reduction.
2. Offer various scholarships through faculties and departments.
Leeds Beckett University 4000
Liverpool John Morres University 5000 1. Provide a range of affordable and quality accommodation for students.
2. During COVID-19 circumstances, new English language options were introduced to meet the English requirement.
Loughborough University 10% off Tuition Fee 1. Excellent teaching and research facilities.
2. For selected unemployed and underemployed graduates get 100% weaver on their tuition fees as The Inspiring Success Scholarship.
3. Has around 800 students from across the 35 countries.
Manchester Metropolitan University 6000 1. Has 4 different kinds of scholarships for international students.
2. The campus is situated at the location near to the city centre.
Middlesex University 2000 1. Has the investment for the sector of research, quality leadership for research and support for equality research engagement.
Newcastle University 5000 1. Provide 200 partial Offer Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships to assist international students.
2. Have academic excellence, innovation and creativity to provide benefits to individuals, organisations, and society.
Northumbria University 2000 1. The Northumbria Global Scholarship is offered for EU and Overseas students.
Nottingham Trent University 2000 1. Offer prestigious, competitive scholarships of up to 50% to new international and European students.
Oxford Brookes University 2000 1. There is a range of financial aid available to help you pay tuition fees and cover up living expenses.
2. Offer courses that are designed to upgrade study skills, subject knowledge, and academic English to prepare for the selected degree.
Queen Mary, University of London 4000 1. Huge sources of funding available for Undergraduate, Masters and PhD level students.
University of York 10,000 1. Numerous international scholarships are offered, recognising achievement by applying a tuition fee discount.
2. Accommodation facilities near the campus

Study in UK from Bangladesh without IELTS

Some universities in the UK accept international students, excluding the IELTS requirement. Normally they take the internal test or some alternative test like OIETC to fill up the English requirement. Some universities concede MOI (Medium of Instructions in English) from Bangladeshi students instead of IELTS.

Study In UK From Bangladesh - Part-time job

Available Part Time Jobs

There are numerous jobs accessible in the United Kingdom that students can readily approach without much effort. International students are permitted to work for 20 hours per week, resulting in 80 hours per month, which is sufficient to cover tuition costs. They can also schedule their job hours to coincide with their study time.

2 Years PSW

Since the UK government has announced a new two-year post-study work visa, deserving overseas students have a fantastic opportunity to stay in the UK and create a successful career after they finish their studies.

Build Bright Career after Graduation

Holders of a British degree are always the top choice for employers anywhere in the world. So after completing your graduation from a UK university, CV will never go in vain and you can apply for internship opportunities with multinational companies that also boost your profile while competing job openings as well! Plus applying for a visa process is easier because only a few steps remain now instead than waiting 2 years before processing.

In addition, if working temporarily or permanently isn’t an issue then there’s plenty more perks such as free healthcare which includes medical insurance plus dental.

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